Today, we at Dhaliwal Labs are looking ahead at 2011 with much joy and excitement. The journey, however, began 70 years ago, in 1941 in a small farming village in what was then India, and today is within the young carved out nation of Pakistan. Tehsel Singh Dhaliwal was born into a farming family with many brothers and sisters. They grew up working hard, harvesting sugar cane and wheat, and putting family at the core of their values. They faced numerous hardships though as they traveled from Pakistan to India during partition in 1947, and then again when the patriarch of the family, Tehsel’s father, passed away in 1954. At the young age of the 13, Tehsel and his older brother were now the men of the family. Given the way of the life during those years, the two young boys, had to become men overnight and fight to defend the family’s land. Within these struggles though, was a sense of joy and zest for life and laughter. This combined with family, allowed for a foundation of success.

As is common with Dhaliwals, they made it. The values of hard work and family never left Tehsel as he made the decision to head west to the United States of America in 1960. He spent the next decade working and putting himself through college. He had various jobs ranging from bus boy to engineer. He creatively perfected his English watching westerns (which he loves to this day); he succeeded in school and work by taking risks, and believing he could make it.

Over the next 30 years he had a family of five children and worked his way through every aspect of the manufacturing business. Tehsel has never lost his sense of play and dedication, which is evidenced by venturing to start his own business when most of his friends were looking at retirement. Clint Eastwood, at the age of 74, said during his Oscar acceptance speech for Million Dollar Baby, “I’m just a kid- I gotta a lotta stuff to do still.” Similarly, with Tehsel and the westerns that he loves, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

Tehsel S. Dhaliwal, P.E. /   tehsel@dhaliwal-labs.com

Forty-one year proven record of achievement in the hair care, skin care, cosmetics and fragrance industries. Executive management level experience in business development, operations, research & development in manufacturing environments. Recognized leader for outstanding achievements and management abilities.

James Croney   /   james@dhaliwal-labs.com

Jason Dhaliwal /   jason@dhaliwal-labs.com

I have a background in product development, r&d, category/brand management, retail sales, sales analytics, quality control and quality assurance. Some people call me a “Jack of All Trades;” no matter what I’m doing, I’m driven to win.

Outside of the office (and sometimes in it), I am enamored with economics, social theory and sports – especially the Jayhawks and America’s Pastime. I will read virtually anything I can get my hands on, whether it be my daily blog roll, the Dallas Morning News or the latest purchase from the local book store.

Jeff Gibson   /   jeffreyg@dhaliwal-labs.com

Nancy Juarez /   nancyj@dhaliwal-labs.com

I have been in contract manufacturing for over 27 years. My professional experience in quality and regulatory includes knowledge of the Code of Federal Regualtions, Good Manufacturing Practices, building quality systems, SOP development, implementation, and training, process validation, cleaning method validation and, stability processes. I have extensive experience in raw ingredients, trade names, INCI names, product and package development, the creation of ingredient declarations and drug facts box development. Regulatory experience includes global requirements, EU product dossier development, NFTA Certificates, Canadian Notification Forms, etc. I have developed a well rounded background and level of experience that allows me to assist our customers with all of their needs to ensure that they recieve a product that meets their requirments and is in compliance with all federal and global regulations.

While this has all been challenging, I also took on the challenge of changing carreers and accepting promotions and positions in managing operations.  I have been in operations as Director and Vice President since 2006.

My background in quality combined with my organizational skills and eye for detail have become an asset in running operations. I am Director of Operations for Dhaliwal Laboratories.

In my spare time I like to spend time with my husband, family, and friends.  We drive our motorcycles on long weekend trips. I am a certified scuba diver.  I enjoy traveling, taking care of my house, and yard, reading, swimming, and playing catch with my dog.